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Chin Huei Ching

Graduated with Diploma in Public Relations 

(CGPA 3.9244, Book Prize Award)

“People always say that “it is easy to get good grades in TAR UC compared to other universities”. In a particular way, I would agree to this. However, it is not because the syllabus is easy or the standard of TAR UC is low, but rather good grades are achievable because of the lecturers who continuously give support and guidance to the students. Please don’t get me wrong, the good results did not come to me easily as I have also put a lot of effort into making it happen. Nothing great comes easy if you do not put-in the effort. Besides the helpful lecturers, it was such a blessing to study with a bunch of course mates that are humorous yet attentive. The campus compound and the cheerful environment had given me so much memorable fun throughout the two years time I spent in TAR UC. With these, I am convinced that choosing TAR UC is a decision that I would never regret. ”

Secondary School: SMK Perempuan Methodist, Ipoh (MGS) 

Teh Jia Jun

Graduated with Diploma in Event Management 

(CGPA 3.9107, Book Prize Award)

“I never regret to further my studies at TAR UC Perak Branch Campus and graduated with a Diploma in Event Management. After a journey of self-discovery at TAR UC, I was inspired by TARCians around me and developed a strong passion towards event management. Thanks to the opportunities offered by TAR UC for the students to organise events in its entirety which have allowed me to gain valuable experience throughout my studies. Better yet, despite being a hospitality programme, the diverse programme structures have helped me to acquire vast knowledge in different genres. We were also exposed to entrepreneurship and volunteerism besides the core management courses. I am grateful to the lecturers and tutors I met in the journey, where they often share industry insights and practical skills which are life-long beneficial. They helped me to comprehend the real-life condition before starting my career. Another fascinating part of studying in Perak Branch Campus is its strategic location. I had a pleasant learning experience in Kampar as it is a relaxing place with minimal distraction. Moreover, Kampar consists of adequate entertainment that has never bored me.”

Secondary School: SMJK Heng Ee (CF), Georgetown

Ong Ai Jing

Graduated with Diploma in E-Marketing 

(CGPA 3.9230, Book Prize Award)

“Overall, it was a great experience I shall never forget from TAR UC. The years spent here have been full of learning opportunities that were loaded with fun and frolics and sometimes with the academic grind that one has to go through. The activities that I took part in during my studies have helped me increase my confidence. TAR UC lecturers are compassionate and caring towards the students. I very much appreciate everything all of my lecturers have contributed to me, including the dedication and support the rendered when I had academic problems. ”

Secondary School: SMJK Ave Maria Convent, Ipoh (AMC) 

Teh Zi Yee

Graduated with Diploma in Communication and Media Studies  

(CGPA 3.9827, Book Prize Award)

“Having passed through the door of TAR UC, which is a premier and distinguished institution of higher learning, has been one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest and sincerest gratitude to TAR UC for providing such a comfortable learning environment where I could develop my academic and personal skills with an enjoyable learning experience. My overall learning experience throughout the programme “Diploma in Communication and Media Studies” was truly remarkable and unforgettable as I was able to gain an excellent foundation of knowledge about the mass media in terms of their functions, influence and future developments. The aforementioned programme helped me develop and sharpen my critical thinking, audio-visual production and analytical skills as I had always been challenged to think out of the box. I would also like to thank all the helpful and dutiful lecturers whom I met in TAR UC for their dedication and guidance. If I were to summarize my learning journey with TAR UC in one word, it would be “terrific”. ”

Secondary School: SMK Valdor, Sungai Jawi 

Teoh ShuZi

Graduated with Diploma in Science (Information Systems Engineering) 

(CGPA 3.9732, Book Prize Award)

“ I was a student at TAR UC Perak Branch Campus for two years of my diploma studies. In these two years, I have met a lot of lovely course mates, lecturers and staff. All lecturers and staff are always willing to spend their precious time and effort to assist the students. I feel so grateful as I have met many amazing lecturers and I really appreciated their passion for students’ progression and education. All lecturers and tutors always find the just-right-challenge between pushing us to be better, encouraging us and inspiring us for our future careers. Apart from provided us with various platforms to showcase our abilities and skills, TAR UC also help us to learn all the soft skills that are highly required in nowadays society namely interviewing skills, time management skills, communication skills and many more. I will always remember and cherish every moment of my life spent here. Once a TARCian, Always a TARCian. ”

Secondary School: SMJK Hua Lian, Taiping

Yap Jheng Sheng

Graduated with Bachelor of Tourism Management (Honours) Event Management 

(CGPA 3.7733, Book Prize Award)

“I’m proud to say that I graduated from TAR UC (Perak Branch Campus). Within the 4 years of my education life with the hospitality course offered by TAR UC, I’m able to grow and be mature not only in making any decisions or solving problems but as well as learning the importance of being disciplined. Overall of my learning experience with TAR UC, it has provided me more than just education which has differentiated me and made me more competitive with others when I’m stepping forward in the future. Through the sharing from the industry-experienced lecturer in the class, it had well-equipped the students of TAR UC to know about what is the expectation of the industry now so that the students are being more competitive and well-prepared to step into the related industry once they have graduated. I’m fortunate as this will be one of the most important life learning experiences that will benefitted for my future. The lecturers are loving and they are always in the mode of well prepared and ready in helping their students. Instead of giving directly the main solutions and ways in solving the problems, the lecturers in TAR UC are giving the opportunity towards the students in order to learn and be more independent when faced with the problems and difficulties that the students are facing. The guidance and support from the lectures are more effective ways in which to motivate the students to be more confident in the future when there are any difficulties that they might be faced. TAR UC also has provided great facilities which help students along their learning period. I really appreciate TAR UC as well as all the lecturers which have guided me along my tertiary education life with TAR UC. I’m proud to be a TAR UCian!! ”

Secondary School: SMJK Pei Yuan, Kampar 

Low Kai Yeng

Graduated with Diploma in Business Administration 

(CGPA 3.9833, Book Prize Award)

“ I would like to grab this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to TAR UC. It is a place where I was endowed with experienced lecturers, student-friendly infrastructure, and a pleasant academic environment. Not just as lecturers to impart knowledge, I would say that they are also highly qualified mentors to us. My 2-year journey with TAR UC has inspired me to realize my personalized goals and molded my competency. Indeed, I am a truly blessed TARCian who have learnt so much from TAR UC. ”

Secondary School: SMJK Pei Yuan, Kampar 

Chong Yong Xuan

Graduated with Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) in Software Systems Development 

(CGPA 3.8566, Book Prize Award)

"My experience as a student at TAR UMT (previously known as Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, TAR UC) has been exceptional, with a strong emphasis on academic excellence, practical experience, and inclusive campus life. The knowledgeable lecturers, comprehensive curriculum, and industry exposure have prepared me for my future career, while the vibrant campus life, diverse learning environment, and well-equipped facilities have fostered personal and professional growth. I am proud to be a TAR UMT student, and I am confident that the education and experiences I have gained here will benefit me in my future endeavors."

Secondary School: SMK Shing Chung, Sungai Siput (U)

Liew Kor Yan Jevellin

Graduated with Diploma in Event Management

(CGPA 3.3869, Book Prize Award)

"It was a very meaningful period in my life for the four years that I spent studying in  TAR UMT Diploma in Event Management and Bachelor of  Tourism Management (Honours) Event Management program. In addition to the well-equipped facilities, there were also numerous learning opportunities that stimulated students' curiosity, such as  events and trips. I also found the environment to be very friendly for students who were new to event management. The lectures were highly practical, and the lecturers used effective teaching methods. They were willing to provide thorough explanations until the students truly understood the topic. They often held tutorials after finishing a chapter to facilitate further discussion and revision. This program is designed to prepare students to be work-ready in the industry, and I appreciated every step of my journey here. It was an honor to be a student at TAR UMT."

Secondary School: SMK Ave Maria Convent, Ipoh 

Eugence Lim Hsiao Jun

Graduated with Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) in Software Systems Development

(CGPA 3.9926, Book Prize Award)

""The four years I spent at TAR UMT were filled with invaluable experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today. Prior to joining TAR UMT, I was uncertain about my career prospects. However, with TAR UMT's support and guidance, I was able to build upon my skills and further develop my interests. The merit scholarship I received allowed me to fully focus on my studies without financial stress. Throughout my journey at TAR UMT, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the most amazing, friendly, and supportive friends as well as lecturers who were instrumental in motivating me and pushing me to achieve my goals. Recalling the moments that I spent with my groupmates and lecturers never fails to bring a smile to my face. These moments have a special place in my heart, serving as a reminder of the invaluable experiences and friendships that I gained during my time at TAR UMT. To all - "Live in the present moment"."

Secondary School: SMK Shing Chung, Sungat Siput (U) 

Choo Weng Yee

Graduated with Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)

(CGPA 3.6437, Book Prize Award)

"As a graduate of TAR UMT, I am honored to have such a valuable opportunity to express my thoughts on my undergraduate years. During the four years of studying, I have fully felt the friendliness and care from the lecturers and classmates. In the face of various challenges, they will actively lend a helping hand and guide me. They had always shared some personal experiences and novel insights, allowing me to learn a lot of knowledge and experience that could help in my career and life. Thanks to them, my university life has been smoother and more interesting. I notice that the buildings and facilities in the school have been regularly improving and upgrading in order to match and meet the needs of the students. I consider myself very fortunate in that regard. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone I met and had the pleasure of getting to know. ‘Once a TARCian, always a TARCian!’"

Secondary School: SMK Perempuan Perak, Ipoh

Chai Qing Hao

Graduated with Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) in Software Systems Development

(CGPA 3.9852, Book Prize Award)

"Studying for a degree at TAR UMT has been an excellent experience for me, where I have had the opportunity to meet many talented individuals. TAR UMT offers high-quality and affordable tertiary education to students, enabling me to acquire valuable theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as essential skills that will be useful in my career. Moreover, the university has instilled in me a sense of responsibility towards society and helped me become a more mature individual capable of contributing positively to it. I would like to express my gratitude to TAR UMT Merit Scholarship, my dear lecturers and friends, as well as the opportunities provided to participate in the WorldSkills Malaysia University Challenge 2021, which led me to secure the second position."

Secondary School: SMK Sultan Abdul Aziz, Kuala Selangor