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 About PERAK

Welcome Message from the Branch Head

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us. Our purpose-built campus in Kampar is built on a 50-acres land tucked between scenic lakes and rolling hills. We offer programmes by the  Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business,  Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, Faculty of Computing and Information Technology and Faculty of Communication and Creative Industries. While we place emphasis on academic success, we strive to ensure that each student is provided with the opportunity to develop a broad range of interdisciplinary skills and competencies. This is achieved through various activities built-in to our academic courses, students’ autonomy in proposing events through societies and clubs, and opportunities to be involved in competitions, field trips, and industry projects. We hope to go beyond education, so that our students can be nurtured into confident, resourceful, self-directed, and resilient young adults with a strong value compass. At the heart of this effort, we acknowledge the special partnerships that exist between students, lecturers, the management, and families. We take pride in building a community here, to ensure a safe and caring environment for every member.  

Nonetheless, don’t just take my word for it as I’m the Head of branch after all. Please do come and see for yourself, or feel free to email me directly on yimsc@tarc.edu.my. You are most welcome to check out our facilities and speak to our admission team or myself. I look forward to meeting you on campus.

Branch Head

Perak Branch

Dr Joanne, Yim Sau Ching