June  2024

6 June 2024

Time Mangement Workshop @ SMK Dato Panglima Perang Kiri, Tapah Road

6 June 2024, Tapah,  Perak - SMK Dato Panglima Perang Kiri, Tapah Road, welcomed us to join an exciting Time Management workshop led by our counsellor, Mr. Hong Kok Pan, for 47 Form 5 students. It was an honour to connect with the students and play a part in shaping their educational journey.

07 June 2024

English Workshop @ SMJK Shing Chung, Sungai Siput

7 June 2024, Sg Siput (U),  Perak - Massive thanks to SMJK Shing Chung for extending the invitation to join your English Workshop. It was an absolute pleasure connecting with your students and being a part of their learning journey. Here's hoping the session left a positive impact on them. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon!

07 June 2024

Leadership Camp @ SMJK Tsung Wah, Kuala Kangsar

Thank you SMJK TSUNG WAH for inviting us to be part of the Leadership Camp. It was a pleasure to connect with your students and contribute to their learning journey. We hope the interactive session was beneficial for them. Hope to see you all in the near future!