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January ~ February 2024

24 January 2024

Chinese Language Society - Year of The Dragon Festival at TAR UMT KL Main Campus

17 January 2024, TAR UMT Main Campus, KL - The Perak CLS committee received an invitation from the Chinese Language Society (CLS) Kuala Lumpur Main Campus, the organizer of the “Year of The Dragon Festival” event. The event aimed to be engaging and enlightening, bringing together the core concept of passing down the culture to the new generation. Twenty-four university committees were invited to the event. The event provided a platform for cultural exchange and community bonding, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for Chinese traditions among attendees from different universities.

We enjoyed the event until it ended at about 10:30 pm, and we arrived in Perak at around two in the morning. It was a memorable experience that will never fade.

Year of The Dragon Festival1.mp4
Year of The Dragon Festival2.mp4

02 February 2024

Motivational Talk @ SMK Malim Nawar

2 February 2024, Malim Nawar - 2024 of TAR UMT Perak Branch marked another significant moment in its history, setting a meaningful early milestone. Located at SMK Malim Nawar, a motivational talk titled 'A Better Me - Pemantapan Sahsiah & Kecemerlangan Ilmu' was organized, drawing in 70 Form 4 students.

Puan Siti, the speaker, shared profound insights on self-improvement to attain excellence in both academics and life overall. The session included a self-reflection segment, evoking deep emotions among the students, with many shedding tears as they contemplated their own behaviors and attitudes.

Buoyed by the motivation garnered from the talk, these students are anticipated to persist in their personal development journey and reach the heights of excellence they aspire to. The commencement of 2024 will be etched in memory as a pivotal moment in the pursuit of success and excellence for TAR UMT Perak Branch and the students. TAR UMT Perak Branch extends its well wishes for a brighter year and future ahead for all involved.

19 February 2024 

 HRC International

19 February 2024, TAR UMT Perak - Ms. Angela Gabriella and Ms. Nathania Vrischika of HRC International gave a talk to a total of 166 students from the Bachelor of Hospitality & Catering Management (Honours), Bachelor of Tourism Management (Honours) Event Management, Bachelor of Gastropreneurship (Honours), Diploma in Event Management, Diploma in Hotel Management, and Diploma in Culinary Arts. The title of the talk was “An Opportunity to be Trained at Luxurious and Award-Winning Hotels and Restaurants in the USA by HRC International”. The hospitality students were enlightened about the opportunities and benefits of being trained in reputable hotels and restaurants in the USA and the Netherlands, which will be a good stepping stone for them to advance in their hospitality careers.

23 January 2024

Book Spine Poetry contest 

23 January 2024, TAR UMT Perak - TAR UMT Main Library organized a Book Spine Poetry contest from 11 December 2023 until 5 January 2024. Nineteen students from all TAR UMT branches participated in the contest. Yew Jun Sheng, a Diploma in Hotel Management student from Perak Branch, won the contest and received a mini hamper prize.