November 2023

17 November 2023

Orientation Day 

17 November 2023,TAR UMT Perak - Orientation Day, students were introduced to the university's campus, facilities, and key support staff. This helps them gain a better understanding of the resources and support systems that will aid them throughout their academic journey. Orientation day also provides an excellent platform for new students to connect with their peers. Tele-match was organized to encourage students to interact and form friendships. In addition to socializing, orientation day also focuses on providing important information to students. The Student Support Workshops conducted help to ensure that students are well-informed about the expectations and resources available to them, setting them up for success in their studies.

23 November 2023


November - December 2023, TAR UMT Perak - As the Christmas Festival was around the corner, Department of Social Science and Hospitality of TAR UMT, Perak Branch collaborated with Copthorne Hotel, Cameron Highlands in producing Christmas goodies and handmade ornaments for sale. Part of the CSR project revenue was channeled to the TAR UMT Student Loan Fund and National Society of Malaysia (NASOM).

On 23rd November 2023, Mr. Patrick Tee (General Manager) and Ms. Cynthia Baring Gould (Business Development Manager) from Copthorne Hotel, Cameron Highlands came to our university to teach 19 students of Bachelor of Hospitality & Catering Management (Honours) on the making of pinecone ornaments which will be put up for sale. 

On 5th and 6th December 2023, 28 students of Diploma in Hotel Management went to Copthorne Hotel, Cameron Highlands to bake “The Perfect Family” Christmas Butter Cookies. The Pastry Chef Siti Rumaisa taught the students to bake and decorate the Christmas butter cookies and demonstrated the dressing of Yule Log Cakes. The students were given hands-on opportunities in baking cookies in Copthorne Hotel’s kitchen. 

This collaboration of the CSR project has strengthened the rapport between Copthorne Hotel and TAR UMT, Perak Branch as well as enhanced the image and reputation of TAR UMT, Perak Branch. Thank you to all the lecturers and Programme Leader Mr. Zazrul Afiq Zazlan for the arrangement.