May 2023

3 May 2023

Career Prospect in Hotel Industry - Parkroyal

3 May 2023, TAR UMT Perak - 77 hospitality students were truly blown away by the engaging and thought-provoking session that opened their eyes to career prospects in the hospitality industry. The talk by the General Manager of ParkRoyal Penang Resort, Mr. Edward Kollmer, F & B Director Mr. Jegan and HR Director Ms. Ann has inspired the students to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the future. Thank you, PARKROYAL Penang Resort, for affirming the quality of our students and also igniting passion and empowering them to embark on an extraordinary career journey.

3 May 2023


3 May 2023, TAR UMT Perak - Autism Awareness Day is a fundraising charity project organised by Year 1 Semester 3 students from Diploma in Culinary, Diploma in Accounting, Diploma in Business Administration, Diploma in E-Marketing, Diploma in Marketing, Year 2 Semester 2 students from Diploma in Event Management and Year 1 Semester 2 Diploma in Culinary Art as a part of their MPU-2312 Civic Consciousness and Volunteerism coursework requirement.

The objectives of the charity project are to create awareness among undergraduates to be a part of a caring society, to promote teamwork and tolerance among team members in order to make these projects a success, to develop students’ character by enhancing their civic consciousness through charity or voluntary work/project, to produce students who are altruistic and concerned with the well-being of others.

The main aim of this project is to raise an estimate of RM 2,000.00. The beneficiary of this charity project is Pusat Jagaan 3PKI, Ipoh, Perak. The charity project activities comprised sales of food and drinks, fun games, and information exhibition.

5 May 2023

Poolside Extravaganza

5 May 2023, TAR UMT Perak  - 'Chillax and Party in Neon'. Poolside Extravaganza. Congrats to the organizing team, who arranged for water games, DJ’s and prepared a yummy spread. The party started with a pool prank - throwing people into the pool! Best way to de-stress as they dance, splash, and groove to the beats, truly a treat in this hot weather!

5 May 2023

Swiss Day

5 May 2023, TAR UMT Perak – A day-long session from 9am to 6pm!! Swiss Day on campus with Chef Jonas who travelled from IMI Switzerland to be in our Kampar campus training kitchen! Chef Jonas had a meeting session with our Department of Hospitality Management students to advise them on culinary career. Thereafter, some lucky students from Bachelor of Gastropreneurship and Diploma in Hotel Management received personal tips and advice from Chef Jonas. Truly a hands-on day cooking together, and “mouths-on” when they savoured the meals prepared together.

5 May 2023

Greening Malaysia Programme

5 May 2023, Manjung - This community service-tree planting programme is part of the Greening Malaysia Programme, which is one of the national agendas that address climate change with the goal to plant 100 million trees across the country by 2025.

A total of 15 participants consisting of students and staff managed to plant 75 trees. Participants were guided on how to plant trees by Perak Forestry Department Staff.

9 - 11 May 2023

Blood Donation

9 - 11 May 2023, TAR UMT Perak - 69 donors consisting of students and staff took part in a blood donation campaign organised by the First Aid Unit. The purpose was to increase the supply of blood bank at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh and to encourage a caring spirit within the campus besides pursuing academic achievement.

11 May 2023

Gen 2 Show

11 May 2023, TAR UMT Perak - What a show! The Gen 2 Show rocked the campus with pounding beats and cheering crowds. A night bursting with ENERGY and electrifying performances by different dance groups, singers from Battle of Voice Competition 2 and UTAR fellow performers. Kudos to students who practiced tirelessly in the dancing room for this event! Thank you to the Dancing Society and societies involved for such an unforgettable night.

Gen 2 Show.mp4

12 May 2023

Pastry Assessment Session 

12 May 2023, TAR UMT Perak - 55 students from San Min High School, Teluk Intan visited the campus from 9.00am to 3.30pm for Pastry Assessment Session followed by Culinary Workshop and Dining Etiquette Workshop led by Dr Tan Poh Leong, Chef Vasu, Chef Hanif and Mr Chow.

16 May 2023

Cooking Demonstration on Meat-Free Products

16 May 2023, TAR UMT Perak - Mr Vincent Koo and Chef Jack Tsang from V Life Green Sdn Bhd shared a very informative plant-based culinary session and hands-on experience. 79 hospitality and culinary arts students had the opportunity to witness the team's captivating cooking demo. The students could not resist the mouthwatering dishes, savoring each bite with delight. More importantly, to be exposed to sustainable culinary practices.

13 May 2023

Tortoise Conservation

13 May 2023, Bota - The Tortoise Conservation programme held to create awareness on the importance of tortoise conservation. A total of 43 students and 6 staff participated in cleaning the tortoise pond and the surrounding of the conservation centre. It was a fun and memorable experience as ten tortoises were released to the Perak river.


17 May 2023

English Enhancement Programme

17 May 2023, TAR UMT Perak – 5 students from 2 states (2 from Terengganu, 3 from Perak) made their way especially to Perak Branch for the inaugural certificate giving ceremony for their excellence participation in English Enhancement Programme. The programme was held online for 6 times prior to the ceremony to help them gain academic literacy and exposure to different areas of university studies while sussing out their post-school education plan. Additionally, students were offered immersive experiences in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Videography, and Entrepreneurship workshop. Participants in this workshop were empowered with skills, knowledge and hands-on experience.  

Not only does this build their self-esteem, but it also motivates them to be more productive and creates a feeling of pride. We hope that this simple gesture could mean the world to each of them.

17 May 2023

 English and Mathematics Programmes @ SJKC Chenderiang

17 May 2023, TAR UMT Perak - 17 students from DSSH, DCIT and DACB kindly volunteered to conduct English and Mathematics programmes with SJKC Chenderiang primary school students. The students had a chance to engage the primary school students with interactive and fun activities.

19 May 2023

The Mai Mai Cosplayer Event

19 May 2023, TAR UMT Perak - The Mai Mai Cosplayer event organized by a Bachelor of Hospitality and Catering Management (Honours) RHC students for BHHC2314 Cultural Food Habits Courses was an excellent opportunity to appreciate the generous support given by TAR UMT students to their course operation during 202301 session. The crowd were feasted with delectable meals.

Besides, several delightful activities that bring joy, foster togetherness, and forge lasting bonds were also organised to preserve those memories. of all the things, the presence of 5 RHC students who enjoyed themselves dressing in maid outfits, entertaining and serving the crowd had indeed left a significant impression of the event. 

Mai Mai (