August 2023

3 August 2023  KK Ecommerce

3 August 2023, TAR UMT Perak -  Mr Koh Tak Song from KK Ecommerce introduced the e-commerce world and shared a platform and opportunity for students to learn new skills to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

4 August 2023 

Business camp activities - SMK PINJI

4 August 2023, TAR UMT Perak - 35 students and 4 teachers from SMK Pinji, Ipoh visited the campus from 8.30am to 11.30am. The visit started with a campus tour led by Mr. Ganesa, Administration & Sports Officer and followed by Business Camp led by Ms. Thean Fui Leng (DACB Lecturer) and Ms. Chan Kit Yeng (DACB Lecturer). 

16 August – 1 8 August 2023 

3 Days, 2 Nights Educational/Field Trip to Copthorne Hotel, Cameron Highlands

16 - 18 August 2023, Cameron Highlands - A 3D2N educational trip to Copthorne Hotel  joined by 139 Year One students from Diploma in Hotel Management, Diploma in Tourism Management, Diploma in Culinary Arts and Diploma in Event Management to Copthorne Hotel, Cameron Highlands  was indeed a useful educational tool for transforming their learning experience beyond the traditional classroom. 

On arrival at the hotel, students were given a warm welcome speech by Mr Patrick Tee, the General manager and his staff, followed by a talk on the career opportunities in the hotel industry. Later, the students were taken for a tour in the hotel and ended with a complimentary tea break by the hotel management. During their stay, they were given an opportunity to enjoy the hands-on experience in the pastry kitchen and setting-up the ballroom for Gala Dinner. Finally, they also got the opportunity to tour Cameron Highlands during their free and easy time - a town that is always busy all-year round

21 August 2023

 Alumni carnival @at SJKC New Kopisan.

21 August 2023, TAR UMT Perak - Ms Ester Cheah, an audit partner at Baker Tilly Malaysia, who is also an alumna of TAR UMT shared challenges, career paths and the qualities of preparedness needed to be an auditor.

26 August 2023

 Alumni carnival @at SJKC New Kopisan.

26 August 2023, Gopeng - 10 Swimming Club members of TAR UMT Perak, volunteered to set up a game booth for Alumni Carnival at SJKC New Kopisan, Gopeng. Apart from being a CSR programme, one of the objectives was to create networking opportunities among our students with the real outside world. It was a great experience for our students, as they were able to raise some funds for the school by conducting fun and interactive games at the Alumni Carnival.

29 August 2023

 Platform Hospitality Group Sdn. Bhd. (MoU)

29 August 2023, TAR UMT Perak - An MOU was officially signed between TAR UMT and Platform Hospitality Group Sdn. Bhd., laying the foundation for a promising partnership. This collaborative effort signifies an exciting journey for students that could significantly influence their future paths and professional endeavors. Through our collective efforts, we aim to offer students valuable chances to acquire practical experience and cultivate pertinent skills.

29 August 2023 

Career and Internship Recruitment Day 2023 

29 August 2023, TAR UMT Perak - The Division of Student Affairs organised Career and Internship Recruitment Day 2023 at H102 & H02, Block H.  This year, the fair focused primarily on final students who will be going for internships and final semester students who are looking for job opportunities. The fair offered multiple job/internship opportunities in several sectors, ranging from the hospitality to the IT industry.