The 6th Penang International Halal Chef Challenge  

1 until 3 March 2019

Won 1 Silver: Asian Main Course (Fish) and 1 Bronze: Nasi Goreng by Tan Chong Leong

Won 1 Diploma: Asian Main Course (Beef) by Gavin Loo Pei Yuan 

Won 1 Dessert: Plated Dessert by Ooi Shi Cheng 

Won 1 Diploma: My Burger by Eric Wong Wei Seng 

Won 1 Brozne: Traditional Ketupat & Rendang by Nuraiman Hakim 

Won 1 Diploma: Laksa Malaysia by Ian Lucas Ong 

Won 1 Bronze: Modern Nasi Lemak by Hanis Suraya 

Won 1 Bronze: King of Tom Yam by Tan Xin Yi 

Won 1 Diploma: Asian Main Course (Lamb) by Toh Yin Wai 

Bachelor of Hospitality and Catering Management 

Diploma in Culinary Arts

The challenge was organised by Penang Chefs Association

Students were trained by lecturers, En. Muhammad Hanif Zubir, Chef Vasuthevan, Chef Ahmad Masri, Chef Luqman Idris and Chef Safuan